Syria: Section of Golan Heights closed off as Syrian rebels seize border crossing linking Syria and Israel.

Turkey: Despite protests, Prime Minister Erdogan and his government still plan to overhaul Istanbul park.

Belgium: Thousands march in Brussels to protest government austerity measures saying focus should be growth.

Pakistan: Karachi at a standstill as MQM party calls for day of mourning for three party workers who were killed.

Jordan: Government blocks hundreds of websites claiming they are unlicensed, journalists angered.
USA: President Obama selects United Nations ambassador Susan Rice next national security adviser

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South Africa: The rand has hit the 10-to-the-dollar mark, the weakest the currency has been since March of 2009. 

Libya: National soccer team is training for its first home game in over two years against the DRC in the World Cup qualifying match. 

Niger: Gunmen attack a prison in the heart of Niamey killing at least two and wounding 10 others.  

Senegal: Graffiti bridges, underpasses, and walls serve as canvasses for many artists to voice political messages or put emotions into color.  

Zimbabwe: Following successive years of intensive drought, there are foot shortages in almost all of the country’s regions. 

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Today’s VOA60- America:

Human Rights Watch criticized an Egyptian court’s conviction of 43 workers from foreign non-profit agencies, including at least 15 Americans, calling the ruling “unjust.” The court imposed sentences of up to five years in prison on many of the workers on charges of illegally using funds to stir unrest.  Most of them were sentenced in absentia after being allowed to leave the country last year.

President Obama met with Chilean president Sebastian Pinera to discuss increasing trade ties and Chile’s acceptance into the US Visa Waiver program, which would allow citizens to visit the U.S. for 90 days without a visa. They would be the only Latin American country in the program.

More rain may be on the way for already heavily flooded areas in the midwest. Both the Mississippi and Missouri rivers flooded areas nearby. Flash flooding in Iowa forced water rescues and towns in Missouri issued evacuations.

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UK: Algerian orchestra El Gusto reunites to perform at the Barbican in London after decades of separation. 

Egypt: Tourists hope that the Islamist-ruled country will continue to welcome visitors who drink alcohol and wear bikinis. 

Various Countries: The International Fund for Agricultural Development says financing smallholder farmers is crucial in Africa for the fight against climate change

Kenya: Kenya’s Harambee Stars hope to take down the Nigeria Eagles as they prepare for their match in the World Cup qualifier.

Israel: High School students in Israel are developing a system to convert nutritious algae into powder for distribution in poor African communities. 

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Turkey: Anti-government movements continue as government cracks down on protesters. 

Pakistan: National assembly elects Nawaz Sharif as prime minister, completing first transition of power between governments.

USA: Military commanders object to Senators’ idea of taking criminal cases out of their hands.

Syria: Hezbollah fighters help Syrian forces regain control of Qusair

Mexico: Presidents of Mexico and China meet, promise greater bilateral cooperation and commercial ties. 

Czech Republic: Devastating European floods threaten chemical factory near Prague after days of heavy rain.

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Senate Armed services committee holds hearing on military sexual assaults- VOA60 America

High-ranking military officials will testify to the Senate Armed services committee along with current leadership on what has become a growing problem with sexual assaults in the military.. A series of incidents have brought attention to the issue as well as a recent report that showed a 35% increase in estimates of sexual abuse from 2012 compared to 2010.

Firefighters have made progress in containing a massive wildfire that has burned over 12,000 hectares of land north of Los Angeles, California. At least 2,000 residents have evacuated their homes.

Finally, Secretary of State John Kerry said the right to protest peacefully is “fundamental to any democracy” in response to the ongoing protests in Turkey. During a meeting with the foreign minister of Poland, Kerry also said he’s concerned about excessive force by police.


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Algeria: Volunteers clean up the beach, prepping it for a summer season filled of tourists. 

South Africa: Experts fear smoking habits are growing popular in Africa, especially among youth. 

South Africa: Judge postpones murder trial of Oscar Pistorius until August 19 after the defense asked for more time to prepare.

 Egypt: The seventh annual craft festival starts in Cairo, celebrating traditional and heritage arts. 


South Sudan: UN helps prison services establish their own agricultural farms for prisoners to rehabilitate and to contribute to food security in the country 

Nigeria: Nigerian women find cheaper ways to shine, following a new trend of jewelry made from copper wire 

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Somalia: Sierra Leone troops arrive in Mogadishu to aid Somali forces in fight against al-Shabaab. 

Mali: Health workers in rural northern areas carry on the fight against diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia, biggest killers of children under five. 

South Africa: Trial of ‘Blade Runner’ Oscar Pistorius for murder of his girlfriend to get under way Tuesday. 

Kenya: Nairobi celebrates 50th Madaraka Day – day Kenya attained internal self-rule from Britain in 1963.  

France / Nigeria: For first time ever, Paris hosts week-long festival of Nigerian films.   

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Nigeria: Police arrest three Lebanese in northern Nigeria on charge of belonging to Hezbollah. 

Egypt: Criminal prosecution of two journalists critical of President Mohamed Morsi raises fears of crackdown on press freedom. 

South Africa: American actor Danny Glover gives support to Johannesburg workers striking for higher pay. 

Senegal:  Jaay Doole, Dakar TV show, has made arm wrestling a big sport in capital.  

Togo: Against the odds, reggae musician Kezita has become a star in Togo’s male-dominated music scene. 

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